IVF cost Nairobi 2020

IVF cost Nairobi 2021 – the most affecting factor sterile couple

How does IVF Nairobi struggle to transform the sterile couple into the no sterile?

The increasing popularity of IVF in Nairobi is compelling couples to find out the exact IVF cost in Nairobi as the infertility ratio is increasing on daily basis. Through this article, we are going to discuss further some factors that can affect the IVF cost in Nairobi that an intended parent(s) should keep in mind before going through the treatment.

In cities like Nairobi; it is challenging to talk openly about infertility issues as they link it to individual dignity. ART treatment like IVF in Nairobi can turn out to be a saviour for infertile couples who are always targeted by society. This article is also helpful for those non-Nairobi residents who have selected or willing to have a biological kid through IVF in Nairobi.    

IVF cost in Nairobi
IVF cost in Nairobi

The factors that affect the cost of IVF in Nairobi

In Vitro Fertilisation is a mode of treatment that will convert an infertile couple’s dream into reality by collecting the gametes of both the male partner and female partner and fertilize it outside the female body in a petri dish. Once the embryo is formed it is implanted in the intended mother’s uterus.

The cost of IVF in Nairobi can be influenced by factors such as

With donor’s egg (in this method father’s sperm is fertilized with donor’s egg as the mother’s egg is not healthy enough to fertilize and form an embryo)

With donor’s sperm (in the place of father’s sperm donor’s sperm is used for the fertilization process)

With donor embryo

The second cycle of IVF treatment (if the first cycle is unsuccessful due to some factors, the second cycle of treatment is suggested by a doctor after examining the cause of failed cycle, it can add up to the original cost)

Use of ICSI with IVF (ICSI is a treatment is used in the case of severe male infertility) 

Experience of the clinic (sometimes the success rate and experience of a clinic can influence the price of the treatment)

IVF cost in Nairobi
IVF cost in Nairobi

Why choose Surrogate Mother Kenya?

IVF has positively changed the lives of thousands of couple till now and still in the process to change many more. Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya hence it is the hub for the entire people of Kenya who wants to have a good quality treatment of IVF in Nairobi. Nairobi has large fertility clinics where you can attain treatment in a comfort zone. And surrogate mother Kenya is one of the best fertility clinics that offer superb quality treatment at an affordable IVF cost in Nairobi.

Surrogate Mother Kenya is the place that will be suitable to your pockets for attaining the IVF treatment. It is that centre that includes the best infrastructures and lab services at its clinic. The best clinic should include entire services and there should not be any single factor that may act as a barrier to take your baby home and surrogate mother Kenya verifies all these qualities.  For them, the happiness of their clients is the topmost priority. Till now the centre has treated hundreds of couples and turn out to be the blessing of their lives. Now they are happily enjoying parenthood.

Still, many couples are there who desire to undergo the treatment but because of societal pressure couldn’t. In Nairobi, fertility is directly linked to the dignity of a man or couple. If a man is unable to have a child with his wife, the couple has to go through a lot. Even if they wish to take the help of IVF treatment, they are being called out. For that reason, many infertile couples seek a clinic that promises to never disclose their name to anyone.  Surrogate mother Kenya never cheats or tricked its clients and make sure that the privacy of clients never is breached.

The success rate is also an important factor while choosing a fertility clinic for the treatment. The success rate of a clinic also helps in identifying and calculates the expenditure of a client. If the success rate of a fertility centre is high, the chances of a failed cycle will be less. Surrogate mother Kenya has a high success rate that makes it a choice for couples looking for affordable IVF.

The experts of infertility treatment and skilled staff play a very important role in a successful treatment. After all, a good fertility clinic is known for its treatment that is done by fertility experts.  A good clinic should have doctors who have a remarkable history infertility field and have treated hundreds of patients. Our centre holds this quality. We have a team of experienced fertility experts who are in this field for years. Our experts have treated a huge number of patients and fulfil the dream of becoming parents. 

The infrastructure of the centre is suitable for patients. It has been made by keeping patients comfort in mind. The laboratory of our centre is equipped with the latest technologies to increase the chances of successful attempts. Also, our centre provides counselling to the intended parent(S) before starting the procedure. Through counselling, we discuss details related to the procedure of the treatment to maintain transparency between centre and client(s).

IVF cost in Nairobi at Surrogate mother Kenya

According to some news, there are clinics in Nairobi that has looted or tricked many intended parents (S). They have been fooled by clinics offering infertility treatment at a low cost. This type of malpractices can affect a person emotionally, mentally and financially. But we at surrogate mother Kenya serve our client the world-class treatment at a reasonable IVF cost in Nairobi. Although the cost offered by our centre is affordable, it doesn’t compromise with the quality of the treatment. The cost of IVF in Nairobi at surrogate mother Kenya is USD 3300 to USD 5000.

Some reports claim that the women of Nairobi have to face more problems than men when it comes to infertility health issues. If a couple doesn’t give birth to a child within a year of the marriage, people start questioning them. In many cases, the women suffering from infertility are not even allowed to participate in religious events. There are cases where the cause of not having a child is the husband’s infertility, but the husband doesn’t disclose it to the family. Because of it, the wife has to suffer.  Polygamy is also normal in Nairobi. Polygamy is to have more than one spouse. This tradition is used as a way to treat infertility in Nairobi.

Sometimes cost of IVF in Nairobi also create a barrier in taking help of treatment. In some cases, if the first cycle failed because of health issues, the couple couldn’t able to afford the second cycle. In that case, it is best to examine the clinic background and success rate before finalizing the centre for the treatment.


Who is eligible for IVF treatment?

Anyone suffering from infertility issues and who wants a biological child can opt for IVF treatment with the guidance of a fertility expert. There is also an age limit for the treatment; it varies from country to country.

How many times IVF can be done?

IVF can affect physically and mentally, doctors advice to not take more than three IVF cycles.

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