How Much Does PGD Cost in Kenya?

The easiest and assisted treatment to prevent any genetic disorder PGD IN KENYA: –

PGD  stand’s for the preimplantation genetic disease is prevalent, it primarily helps to rediscover any genetic deficit that is found in the embryo, thus it helps to prevent any terrible genetic disease that spread and pass from one generation to another. It is the careful process that is created with the process called in vitro fertilization. The process detects the spreading disease and helps in several ways to prevent any big disease. as we all know due to the advancement of technology, there are several favourable treatments involve that helps to cure or find genetic deficit within an embryo. We will discuss how it works and help to

The preimplantation genetic in Kenya:-

The disease is very much similar with In vitro fertilization by taking the male sperm of father and taking egg’s of mother and then it goes for the laboratory test for the purpose of fertilization. After taking the test the embryo divided into numerous cells. it is always seen that if a couple is facing any major disease and consequently transfer to the child. so in order to prevent and to stop, we choose preimplantation genetic disease to find out the real cause of the genetic disorder, and by pg, the doctor can easily find the real cause and after finding the deficit into the embryo. it is further healed.

PGD process

PGD process

After close examining, the doctor may remove cell microsurgically to the embryo. And collected cell which is of five days. Once the cell is collected. The resulted embryo is safely frozen.

After that, the DNA is carefully examined to check whether the genetic problem present in the embryo. And this whole process takes almost a week to testify the above procedure.

After taking the help of PGD once it is identified that embryo does not have any genetic problem. Further, the embryo is placed into the uterus of the woman by In vitro fertilization and then it begins the process of the pregnancy test.

Eventually, the frozen embryo which is free from all the genetic problem is kept and the defected embryo is then destroyed. this process takes almost a week.

  • Apart from it and has several benefits:-
  • It helps to heal the problem that is the genetically sex-linked disorder.
  • It prevents single gene disorder.
  • In the case of the woman, who is constantly experiencing pregnancy loss.
  • The woman who is facing the chromosomal deficit.and a woman whose age is above 35.

The PGd and comprehensive uses.

Many people have the wrong notion about and that once the embryo is destroyed, then the destruction of the male occurs. But it is not true in the context of pg. It is carefully examining treatment that involves expertise, it has also helped to reduce the chances of, who is genetically suffering from any disease. Not only it finds the real cause in embryo but it enables to detect the existing problem as well.

The PGD cost IN Kenya:-

The PGD cost in KENYA is relatively very low than any other PGD centre in Kenya. We have the most advanced technique to identify the real cause of genetic disorder which is very prevalent nowadays. We serve you with most amazing service with least fees.


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