Surrogacy in Kenya: Know The Cost Details of Surrogacy

The Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is very reasonable and can be easily afforded by the people of every class. Nowadays more patients from other developed countries are traveling to Kenya for their surrogacy as the Surrogacy Cost Kenya is less and success rate of take home baby is high.
The cost of surrogacy procedure is mainly depending on two factors:
(i) The cost of medical care which is very high in the countries like the US and the UK as compared with the cost of medical in other states. However, the success rate and the quality of the treatment in Kenya or other states are of same quality standard as used in the US and the UK.
The cost of surrogacy procedure in the countries like the US and the UK is starting from USD 60,000 to USD 1, 00,000; however, the Surrogacy Cost in Kenya is around USD 40,000 only as with the highest success rate which is around 70 to 80% till date as compared with the developed countries like the US and the UK.
(ii) The cost of living in the country also have a great influence on the surrogates, as the surrogates gets the high compensation in the countries like the US and the UK which will increase the cost of your surrogacy package. The compensation which the surrogates get in Kenya is half of the cost which they get in other developed countries like the UK and the US. A surrogate getting half compensation in the country like Kenya saves your lot of money.

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Surrogacy Cost in Kenya using Gestational Surrogacy method

The cost of surrogacy also depends on the type of surrogacy method you use for your treatment.

(i) Egg Donor Surrogacy

(ii) With Self Egg Surrogacy

Gestational Surrogacy: It is a procedure in which the eggs and sperms of intended parents are used and the embryo is implanted in the gestational surrogate. The gestational surrogate then carries a baby in her womb until birth. In this procedure, the surrogate is not genetically related to newborn and the couples prefer this procedure because the intended mother is not able to carry the pregnancy due to some medical problems. This is a safe and successful procedure to have an own baby.

The average Surrogacy Cost in Kenya by using gestational surrogacy is around USD 45,000 which includes the cost of your IVF, medical check-ups, legal fees, and expenses of surrogate such as (food, travel, clothing, medicines, etc.)

Success Rate by using Traditional & Gestational method

The success rate of taking home is by using traditional method is around 55 to 65% and by using gestational method is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared with the success rate of other developed countries. Generally, people prefer the gestational surrogacy as this is the best method for the childless couples to have their own baby because in this procedure the gestational surrogate is not genetically related to newborn and hence there are no chances of genetic disorders in newborn. Till date, the gestational surrogacy is the best and the safe method.


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