Surrogate Mother Kenya: Kenya’s Leading Surrogacy Clinic / Centre

Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya is a ray of hope for the childless couples who have tried for the infertility treatment in many centers but none of them able to help the couples to achieve their dream of having their own baby. Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya is a blessing for them which offer them the following:

• High success rate of taking home baby
• Offers the state-of-art-technology procedure
• Provide the high professional fertility experts who help the childless couples to fulfill their dream.
• Provide the high standard quality treatment at affordable cost
• World class infrastructure
• Young, healthy and fertile egg donors or surrogate mothers
• The Surrogacy Center Kenya is easily accessible all patients no matter from which corner of the world they are as it is situated in the middle of the city.

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What are the Eligibility criteria to Hire Surrogates?

The following are the Eligibility criteria which every surrogate mother has to fulfill before she enters in the surrogacy procedure:
• The age of surrogate mother should not be more than 30 years.
• All the surrogates are properly examined for the medical and the psychological testing so that no genetic issues will pass to the newborn.
• Generally, preferred married surrogates with kids.
• Do not have any past history of repeated miscarriages
• Willing to sign the contract agreeing to the role and the responsibilities in the pregnancy, such as taking proper care of herself and the baby, taking all the medicines advised by the doctor on time, taking proper diet etc.

Who uses the surrogates?

A woman might decide to go for the surrogacy procedure for the several reasons such as:
• She may have some medical problem with her uterus due to which she is unable to carry the pregnancy.
• She may have had hysterectomy that removed her uterus.
• There may be any other medical issues or risk attached to her life due to which she has been advised by the doctor not to get pregnant.
• She might be over the age of 35 years due to which her ovarian reserve start falling down.
A man can also opt for the surrogacy procedure if they are gay. One of them can use his sperm for the fertilization of the eggs of the surrogate mother through artificial insemination and the surrogate then carries the baby in her womb and gives birth. A gay couple can also choose the egg donor and fertilized that donated eggs, and the resulting embryo can be implanted into the womb of the gestational surrogate to carry the pregnancy until birth.

Success Rate of Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya

The success rate of take home baby of Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya till date is around 70 to 80% which is quite high as compared with other developed countries and every year thousands of people travel down to Kenya for their fertility treatment which suits to their pocket and which help them in achieving their dream of having own baby. The Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya has the well qualified and experienced doctors who have been treating people from past few years with great passion.

Cost –effective Services

The doctors including other staff members at Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya offer the unique and unmatched services to all the surrogate mothers as compared with competitors. The quality of the treatment which is offered at Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya is same as used by the other developed countries like the US and the UK. The doctors including other staff members provide full support and care to surrogates and the intended parents both during the entire process.


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