All the Information about IVF Cost in Kenya

What is IVF?

IVF and infertility is directly linked with each other, Guess why? It is because till now IVF is the best solution to eliminate infertility hiccups and to attain parenthood. IVF in Kenya is the treatment which is best carried out by the experts or fertility specialist of Surrogate Mother Kenya. Surrogate Mother Kenya is the leading and ongoing fertility centre, which is specialized in ART and non ART fertility treatments and puts forward highest success rate too.

IVF is fully known as In Vitro Fertilization, it is also referred as Test Tube Baby treatment, where eggs and sperms are combined to achieve fertilization in the fertility lab. The most crucial step of IVF Kenya is to attain successful fertilization and the fertility experts of Surrogate Mother Kenya are expert in doing that. Infertility has really made a major issue for several couples but all thanks to ART technique that has not just provided the golden way to attain pregnancy but also it became the key to unlock the couple’s biggest wish. IVF Cost in Kenya is also based on a marginal price.

IVF in Kenya comprises different techniques too to achieve pregnancy but all it depends on the infertility case of the couple, for an instance if a female partner is unable to lay healthy eggs during the step of IVF egg retrieval then egg donor IVF would be recommended for that concern couple.

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Why can IVF Kenya help to achieve pregnancy?

IVF Cost in Kenya 2020

IVF treatment is the best way to get conceived because IVF offers similar habitat for embryo as our human body attain after all physiology is the same mean in the human body also fertilization takes place to form an embryo and in –vitro fertilization the human body is replaced by the instrument.

IVF Kenya helps as it uses the latest ideas and technologies offered by the medical science. IVF is that treatment which is used for both male infertility and female infertility solution but in a different way. For examples when the male is not capable in producing a good number of motile and healthy sperm then IVF (with ICSI or IMSI) treatment is preferred and in Female when there is not the production of the effective egg, then IVF Kenya is the best option to go forward.

IVF Kenya is best suitable for-

  • Females who have blocked fallopian tube
  • Women, who have had their tubes removed.
  • Couples (male or female) with genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormalities
  • Unknown infertility
  • Women with uterine fibroids
  • Women who faces premature ovarian failure
  • Females who have issue with ovulation disorders
  • Male factor infertility, which includes low sperm count or less motility
  • Women facing hard time to achieve their pregnancy due to endometriosis

How Much an IVF Cost in Kenya?

IVF Cost in Kenya 2019

IVF Cost Kenya is based on sensible package. It will be inappropriate too say that IVF or other ART techniques are easy to handle or very cheap; obviously it is not, but many of the fertility centers take an advantage of this topic and raise their cost above the exact cost. The couples need to cross check the success rate of the fertility centre and the exact cost.

The basic Cost of IVF in Kenya starts from USD 3300, wherein each medication, ultrasounds, blood work, hormonal injection, fertility drugs (for 10-14 days), egg retrieval procedure, fertilization, lab charges, and the step of choosing best embryo to transfer in the womb of the recipient- are included. There is not any hidden or extra amount, which Surrogate Mother Kenya asks during or after the medication. Surrogate Mother Kenya is the best platform, where a couple can find best cost of IVF Kenya.

IVF Cost Kenya definitely varies on the basis of the couple’s infertility case; it goes high if the couple opts for donor sperm or donor egg. But the basic cost of IVF in Kenya is USD 3300 (that include all the procedure beginning from the consultation with the doctor and ending up with embryo transfer). Kenya is the only destination in Europe which is offering such an economical package of fertility treatment. IVF in Kenya is the procedure, which is performed in multiple ways and the most suitable and fitted treatment is selected to achieve the healthy and safe pregnancy.