ICSI Cost Kenya

A Healing path with ICSI towards the better living

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection in Kenya is a kind of IVF procedure which is used along with in vitro fertilization, the process begins by single sperm cell once injected into the cytoplasm of an egg.  It is the latest technique, which is used to prepare a gamete in order to obtain embryo, which is finally implanted into the uterus of the woman to facilitate the process of fertilization. For the treatment of infertility, both ICSI and IVF are used. But it has little difference before and after the insemination. While with ICS I only used one sperm cell for the oocyte meanwhile IVF is used with 50 to 100 thousand sperm.

ICSI Cost Kenya


As on the global level, the rising case of fertility has made hard to cure. Since the time the couple gets married, the desired couple has desperate eyeing for at least one baby, and any hurdle during the process of pregnancy may trigger numerous anxieties in their life. While using the number of infertility drugs cause health side effects. But in spite of all the couple are ready to bear the consequence of it, subject to the condition, they are able to find the treatment. a little hope leads to mammoth hope. But it is unfortunate to say, that none of the treatment can fulfil their utmost desire to relish the feeling of parenthood.

What are ICSI and its procedure in Kenya:-

The whole ICSI process is a laboratory process by which a doctor and couple need little co-operation in order to make ICSI treatment possible. ICSI started in a lab by picking up sperm with the fine needle and then it is directly injected into the egg. As this process requires a good deal of knowledge, so veteran embryologist with staff can carry out the ICSI treatment.

For whom the ICSI is best suited.

  • Going with ICSI treatment the process is very much similar to IVF treatment.
  • If the sperm of male’s count low.
  • When sperm of male is not functioning well or abnormality is found.
  • The sperm of male carries out surgically from pesa/ mesa.
  • In the male, when there is significant rise is seen antibodies in the semen.
  • When the couple, who have previously gone through conventional IVF and failed.

Affordable cost of ICSI in Kenya:-

The cost of ICSI in Kenya is USD 4000 and ideally far less than other fertility centres; you don’t have to bother much with the fees structure. Because we not only provide the best facility for the treatment but indeed the less and affordable fees for the treatment. We have set the very low price so that all from poor to rich can participate in this special cause. and get back to their life with a beautiful baby. What is better than this that out cost of treatment in accordance with the service, with highly equipped technology.

Success rate of ICSI in Kenya:-

The success rate of ICSI: – the success rate of ICSI is profoundly great. We have indeed very high success rate range from 40 to 50 %. While we have the most eminent doctor who has served the year of experience in the vast field of gynaecology. And chance is varied upon many factors such as the age of the woman, the history of her medical.


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