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IVF treatment is the way for happiness for childless couples.

Which is the best IVF centre in Kenya for an affordable cost?

For the successful result of IVF in Kenya, many aspects are responsible. People opting for IVF treatment should look at different factors before starting. It helps them to have the best process and outcomes with high comfort. Person satisfaction matters the most in the IVF treatment that boosts the chances. Selecting the best IVF centre for the treatment is vital and helps get the best results. They should have all the required facilities for your easiness and comfort.

In Kenya, the SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA is a well-known IVF centre. It is the best option for affordable IVF costs in Kenya. It is a popular tourist site for IVF treatment from all over the world. 

They offer various approaches and the most up-to-date technologies at a reasonable cost. The centre’s highly experienced and certified doctors will carry out your IVF procedure. They have a high birth rate that has helped many couples to become successful parents.

The low cost IVF treatment in Kenya helps with different infertility problems of male and female partners. It provides high possibilities of a better conception of parents with a healthy and biological child. Various health and sterility issues assist with IVF and increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. It has better results than other assisted reproductive techniques. It accomplishes with the eggs and sperm of the couple and fertilizes outside the female body. The fertility doctor performs the process and transfers the fertilized eggs inside the womb.

What has IVF cost in the best centre in Kenya?

IVF price in Kenya is favourably lower than in industrialized nations that provide better results without drilling the pocket. The best centre has the latest technologies and advanced mechanisms borrowed from western countries. It performs the IVF process with these technologies that provide the best results and high comfort. According to statistics, people in developed countries choose treatments and procedures in Kenya. But today, couples from developed nations are peeking for IVF and other techniques in Kenya because of affordable costs.

The IVF treatment cost in Kenya approximately ranges from USD 3300. In developed countries, IVF cost starts from USD 12,000. That is much more than IVF in Kenya that people cannot afford or makes a large hole in their pockets. Your IVF price in Kenya will be different and depends highly on infertility, health, and other conditions. Your fertility health, age, and other factors have balanced, and the IVF cost may not fluctuate as much. Your requirements require different processes, and approaches will increase the cost highly.

IVF and treatments Costs Approx.
IVF with self eggs and sperm USD 3300
IVF with ICSI USD 4000
IVF with donor eggs USD 4300
IVF with donor sperm USD 3900

The different factors that can affect the cost of IVF in Kenya that is following: 

  • Complications: If your IVF process faces any difficulty, your chances of IVF treatment will decrease. The IVF treatment requires top experts and facilities of technologies. In any event, you are not satisfied or comfortable; you may experience treatment failure owing to a high degree of stress. In some conditions (health or others), treatment requires to stop because of any problem or urge to cancel.
  • Patient age: Your high age will cause unhealthy eggs and sperm that affect the IVF process. It concerns the uterus conditions, and after the fertilization, the miscarriage chances are high. If your age is more than 35, the chances of success are lesser than 15%. Younger age people have healthy organs and produce healthy gametes.
  • Donor sperm or eggs: Your IVF process does not have healthy gametes for fertilization, your expert will recommend donor assistance. It will provide better results but increase the IVF cost admiringly and affect the budget.
  • Health: Some people have different conditions that can affect IVF success. PCOS, uterine fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, ovarian response, a hereditary condition, and other processes in the female partner all have a significant risk of failure. Your abusive habits of smoking or drinking affect the eggs and sperm health.
  • Sperm conditions: The male factor infertility is a crucial part of IVF that will require various assistance for successful results. The male partner’s semen sample should have healthy sperm for the IVF process.

Some FAQs of IVF cost in Kenya:

Q1: What is the IVF process involved in the cost? 

The cost of IVF treatment in Kenya includes several stages that accomplish with doctors and advanced technologies observation. It is USD 3300 with self eggs and sperm and provides successful conception results. The following are the steps of IVF in Kenya:

  • Initial counselling sessions (with top counsellors)
  • Several medical checkups and tests (Transvaginal and normal ultrasound)
  • Hormonal and fertility medicines (for egg production)
  • Eggs retrieval (invasive process with high observation)
  • Sperm collection and preparation (by experts to select healthy ones)
  • Fertilization with each other (in the lab under observation)
  • Embryo culturing (to choose top developed fertilized eggs)
  • Implantation into the female uterus

Q2: What is the cost of IVF success rate in Kenya?

The cost of IVF success rate in Kenya ranges from USD 3300. It is the standard IVF cycle that involves stages performed by the expert. Severe infertility conditions of partners require advanced processes and approaches. It will increase the IVF cost in Kenya, such as ICSI, donor assistance, PGD, Male infertility treatment, etc.

Q3: Does every test include the mentioned IVF cost? 

No, every test will not include only ultrasound, and blood tests required in the IVF process started will add. The different tests required according to your infertility and health conditions will increase the price. This testing will prescribe by your fertility expert.

Q4: Will the best IVF centre provide financial help with the cost? 

The SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA is the top centre in Kenya that has various packages and instalment facilities for IVF costs. They have high transparency in the process and charge of different procedures. You can check for the other centres and hospitals in Kenya but not get this much lowest cost.  

Q5: Do couples conceive in one IVF cycle? 

It will depend highly on your age, infertility, and health conditions. Many couples with mild infertility conditions and younger ones conceive in the first IVF cycle. If you have advanced age, more than 35, you have a high chance of poor eggs and sperm quality, genetic disorders, and other factors. You will need other approaches that will help you to conceive.

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