Cost of IVF in Kenyatta National Hospital

What is IUI? How Much Does Cost of IUI in Kenya

What is IUI?

IUI is the treatment for infertility in which the female gets pregnant in case the treatment should be done in an effective way that probably enumerates the process of transferring the sperms into the female’s uterus.

By taking the semen sample and transferred the washed sperm into the female’s uterus so as to increase the chances in order to fertilize the eggs and the sperms in the fallopian tubes of the female.  Like IVF and other infertility treatments, IUI is also played an important role in the removal of the issues relative to infertility.

IUI treatment adds value to the treatment to make it a suitable one and also as for the treatment but there is an accomplishment for the sperm to travel towards the egg and fertilize the egg by the same process. It must be a cost-friendly treatment but helping the couples lesser as in comparison to the treatment of the IVF process.

Affordable IUI Cost in Kenya

How IUI work in Kenya

How its work in Kenya?

Prior to the process of starting the treatment relative to IUI in Kenya, ovulation medicines are being prescribed by the experts in order to monitor the quality of the eggs and make the eggs ready for the fertilization procedure in an efficient manner.

So to make the eggs matured and then placed the eggs for merely about 24 hours in the laboratory dish and then the semen sample should be taken and washed the sample in the lab by the assistant to make the semen and the valuable sperms separated from each other and then transferred the same in to the uterus of the female to make the treatment ready for fertilization process.

IUI Success Rates In Kenya

Kenya IUI success rate

IUI success rate in Kenya is being assessed with the differential factors that the success should be dependent upon a number of factors.

  • Age of the female
  • Quality of the sperms and the eggs
  • The number of sperm counts
  • Experience of the doctors
  • Number of successful cases solved by the experts
  • Technology used

The above-listed factors are numerous in number and all are being responsible for making the treatment effective and increase the success rate up to the maximum level that is being helpful in making the treatment successful.

The more the success cases the clinic and doctors of the clinic have, the more is the success rate of the country as on an average the success rate of the clinic in Kenya have about 83% successful cases solved and that probably becomes the success rate of the clinic.

Affordable IUI Cost in Kenya

IUI success stories in Kenya

IUI success stories in Kenya at first try

There must be numerous as we can say the uncountable success stories in the country Kenya relative to the treatment IUI where there the success is to be attained within the very first attempt and the clinic is probably seen the same cases during the last few years as in totality the success stories as if now is more than 18000+ cases for the success stories in the country Kenya and all that in the first attempt only.

Also, there are the other success stories in the same field where there are various cases for the same and also the experts should try from the root to the tip to avoid infertility and brings fertility with the successful treatments.

Affordable IUI Cost in Kenya

Affordable IUI Cost in Kenya

How Much Does Cost of IUI in Kenya?

IUI cost in Kenya is probably aviated between 1500 US $ to 2200 US$ depending upon the different clinics, the expert’s experience and the other relative facilitations and medications the clinic is providing and also the costs for the injections if paid by the clinic and adds in the bill once the treatment is completed.

Cost of IUI in Kenya is differentiated on the basis of factors with some terms and conditions to be applied with the costing for the relative treatments.

  • Facilitations provided within the clinic where the treatment held.
  • In case the clinic provides medications and injections as the additional service to the infertile couples.

The above conditions create variations in the amount of the treatment within the country Kenya.

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