Egg donor surrogacy in Kenya:- Know about the process and cost.

egg donor surrogacy in kenya

Why is surrogacy in Kenya the best?

Surrogacy is the best option for people facing sterility or having no prospect of having a child with a spouse. It involves another lady (a third party) conceiving the infertile couple’s child. It is a highly effective method that results in the commissioning of parents receiving a healthy kid. Another woman becomes pregnant for the couple with disorders or problems, allowing them to become parents. Even if you do not have eggs or sperm for fertilization, the surrogate mother can become pregnant and give birth to your child. It works with donor assistance. The eggs, sperm, or embryo through a donor can use in the surrogate mother conception.

Egg donor surrogacy in kenya is the topmost process in severe female infertility conditions. It recommends by the fertility expert if the female partner cannot produce eggs of poor quality. It fertilizes with the male sperm to form the fertilized eggs. Many surrogacy services in Kenya are low in cost than in developed countries. SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA is one of Kenya top surrogacy facilities. You can choose a centre for numerous treatments and assistance in a specific location. For same-sex gay couples, single male parents, and heterosexual partners who do not have viable eggs, egg donor surrogacy in Kenya is the best option.

Surrogacy with donor eggs increases the surrogate mother’s chances of a successful pregnancy. It implies that the female spouse lacks ovaries and eggs and that earlier therapy or surgery has harmed the eggs’ health. In surrogacy, donor eggs supply healthy eggs for gamete fertilization.

Who is a surrogate mother in Kenya?

Your surrogacy process is incomplete without surrogate mothers in kenya. A surrogate mother becomes pregnant on your behalf and delivers the child. You can have a surrogate mother with severe infertility that has left no capability to bear the child. You will pay her compensation forbearing and delivering your child.

You will select a healthy surrogate mother through an agency or on your own. Choosing a surrogate mother through an agency or centre can provide the perfect match with healthy psychological and physical conditions. They provide surrogate mothers after thorough screening and tests for their capability to birth the child and bear it for nine months successfully. Before choosing a surrogate mother, make sure her health, family, educational background, prior birth, and other characteristics fit yours. It will provide you with better surrogacy results in Kenya, and you will take your healthy baby home.

What is the surrogacy type in Kenya? 

Surrogacy in Kenya has two types. Gestational and traditional. The gestational performs with the eggs and sperm of the partner for the surrogate mother conception. Your fertility expert will recommend the type according to your infertility conditions. If you do not want to use surrogate eggs as traditional surrogacy, your expert can suggest egg donor surrogacy. The donor eggs will use to fertilize with the male partner sperm.

  1. In traditional, a male sperm sample collects from the male partner. It prepares by the expert and moves into the surrogate mother womb.
  2. After Ovulation Induction, gestational suggests in partners healthy gametes retrieve outside the reproductive systems. It fertilizes outside the female reproductive system and transfers inside the surrogate mother uterus for pregnancy results.

How does the surrogacy process work with donor eggs in Kenya?

Your expert will recommend the process for the female partner with no eggs or healthy eggs to use for fertilization in surrogacy. Donor eggs collect from healthy egg donor Kenya. She should have had a previous pregnancy and regular menstruation. The donor eggs will help your fertilization process as they mix with the intended father sperm and check in the IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization). Your expert will suggest selecting a healthy surrogate mother before starting the process. The following are the stages of holding the baby in arms through egg donor surrogacy in kenya:

  • Selecting a surrogate: You will select a woman with good physical and psychological health. Choosing the surrogate mother from the agency or centre will help you have the perfect match. You will select the egg donor with several similarities in hair, skin, eye colour, height, and weight.  
  • Medical checkups: The expert will perform various screenings of the surrogate mother, egg donor, and partners. It will describe your fertility conditions to the doctor and recommend the best approaches and processes. It will involve ultrasounds, blood tests, and physical and psychological testing.
  • Counselling: The best centre in Kenya provides the session with the best counsellors. They counsel partners and the surrogate mother to be aware of the problems, procedures, and expected results.
  • The fertility medications will prescribe by the doctor to the egg donor. It will improve ovarian function and enhance the number of mature eggs produced. With the hormone injection, the specialist will release them into the uterus. A catheter will harvest the eggs from the donor uterus.
  • Fertilization and pregnancy: The male semen sample will prepare by the doctor, and they will select the healthy sperm. It will mix with the donor eggs on a Petri plate, or you can use ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) to fertilize the eggs and sperm. The expert will check for embryo growth in the lab for five to six days. They will select high developed fertilized eggs to implant into the surrogate uterus.
  • Aftercare: The pregnancy result will confirm after two weeks of the embryo implantation in the surrogate mother womb. After the assured results, you will meet all surrogate needs such as medical and nutrients. She will visit the doctor for routine checkups and body workups.
  • Delivery: After nine months, the child will give birth via vaginal or caesarean section.

How much does egg donor surrogacy cost in Kenya?

The cost of egg donor surrogacy in kenya is much more reasonable than in developed nations. They have high processing costs that people cannot afford. People looking for reasonable surrogacy costs can select Kenya. Many countries have prohibited surrogacy or its related norms, which has caused many people to choose Kenya.

The cost of donor eggs in Kenya will increase your surrogacy expenses. Your charges for the surrogacy process in Kenya will depend on various factors. Still, it is much lower than in the US or the USA, which has basic costs starting from USD 80,000. The cost of egg donor surrogacy in Kenya ranges from USD 60,000 and includes various charges for surrogates and donors.

Where can you have the best surrogacy process in Kenya?

SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA is the best centre for egg donor surrogacy kenya. We are the top-notch destination for couples who want surrogacy in Kenya. Every patient involved in the procedure receives superior care and services. Our highly trained fertility specialists are sensitive demands and emotional journeys of couples. For the suitable process cost, packages and financial aid offered in the centre.

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