Monthly Development Of The Baby In The Womb

Monthly development of the baby in the womb:- Since the inception of human life, there has always been a fierce debate among the biologists, doctor, gynaecologist to get to the authentic answer. About the very fact of truth that how does a single sperm after meeting with an egg is able to transfer into a baby. in the earlier days of life, the nature of truth simply lay in the fact that Childs is the miracle of God. And to get to the complete comprehension of a baby birth is out of human wisdom. However, due to the advancement of modern technology has made a significant change in the field of medical literature.

Monthly development of the baby in the womb

Monthly development of the baby in the womb

Prime stage of the cell: – from the initial stage after intercourse between male and female. As the sperm gives a kick start to the amazing journey of childbirth from an embryo to a fetus and finally to the birth of a child. The commencement of well-organized process begin by simple cell, a trillion of the cell is making its way to meet eggs but fortunately, only one healthy sperm able to meet egg an then the wall of the egg is closed down to stop other sperm to enter. And they get fertilized with each other and finally the first cell of the body get ready to become life.

The first week of the month:- as the fertilized egg begins to grow, a watertight –sac forms around the egg. And gradually begin to fill with fluid. The process is called the amniotic. And at the same time placenta is also develop, in the womb of the mother, it helps to transfer nutrients to the mother of the baby as well as it transfers the waste from the baby.

The genetic code of baby is formed in DNA. And DNA is coded by chromosome which is containing by 23 from the father and 23 from the mother. However, the long thread shape has its own code of information which separate one human from is approximately the 25000 genes to make human. Each gene of human specifically design by certain inheritance which matches to a woman, the egg is travelled all the way from the fallopian tube to uterus of a woman. After a day of fertilization, each cell of the body produces the same copy of it and divided into many cells. After 4 to 5 days of fertilization, the tiny ball shape egg is called plastic. After seven days, blast pieces of ice reach to fallopian tube arrive at uterus for nine months.

After 4 weeks of the pregnancy: – as the development of baby is proceeding internally with getting all the vital elements and then embryo is transferred

2nd stage: – the face of the baby is beginning to take place right from the circle of the eye, the mouth, jaw and throat, to the blood cell of the baby.  Although the small heart of baby starts to beat at the pace of 65 times a minute, by the 4th-week .the size of the baby is a tiny by1/4 inch long.

Next month of a baby in the womb of mother: – as the development begins to spread by her facial expression, ear, hands and legs eye, finger. The neural tube of the baby such as the brain, spinal cord and other neural tissue. The digestive tract and sensory organ and bones are equally developing. And the development is gradually making its way towards the fully formed baby.

2 month: – the head is little larger compared to the rest of body .and the size of the baby is 1 inch long and weight is about 1/30 pounce. A facial feature is begun to shape, nostril and heads. From the baby neural tube, where spinal cord, nerves and backbone gets help to grow. and later the cavity transfer into ventricular system, which is helpful to generate fluids that help to protect the brain and spinal is also advisable by a doctor to take a specific supplement until the pregnancy reaches 12 weeks.

A nerve cell in the baby helps to form a neural pathway.  It helps to develop the functioning of smell, and numerous development is happening into the body such as the growth of arm, legs, ankle, thigh.and in next few days the embryonic tell began to disappear and the place is filled my tailbone in the eight weeks of pregnancy.

10th week of pregnancy:-the size of the baby is beginning to increase, from its ear, chin, health, chest.and through the procedure, the eyelid once shut it does not open the untill27 week of pregnancy. The heart of baby is now fully developed, which is beating faster than yours. Now the baby is mature to move its body, the nails begin to grow, and the baby started kicking her new limbs. And with the process of developing its stomach are taking in good shape. Although the baby is small but active now.

The yolk sac, which works to supply food to the womb of the mother, is gradually declining.

20 week of a baby into mother womb – each part of the body now is in the right proportion to the rest of the body, and now hair is also forming, and the brain started to separate into a different part like midbrain forebrain that helps to get smell, taste, hearing, vision. In most of the woman, a baby inside of womb is flutter little more than other pregnant. that lady who experiences the very first time of pregnancy is not able to recognize the baby moment.

33 week of the baby in mother womb- the weight of the baby is now600g and fill the space of woman.chwecking by ultrasound you can be seen the movement of the baby, sleeping, walking, and you might see the baby is alert sleeping. And finally it still requires time to grow begot it get pregnant, the baby lungs are developed. And it is a good time to get delivery of the baby. The baby has now good chance in order to survive. Now the baby is able to take birth. And finally ready to see the outside world to have the first glimpse to see the outer world.  Ultimately, by taking a little precaution, This is how the process of baby birth is taking place inside of mother womb.

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