Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa 2021

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa 2021?

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa?

The second-largest and oldest city Mombasa is the important economic centre of Kenya. Along with ports and mills, Mombasa is an emerging hub for surrogacy centres at an accessible surrogacy cost in Mombasa.  

In the world of fertility treatments, Surrogacy is popular for two things; its expensiveness and extremely high success rate. The success rate of surrogacy is higher than any other solution of infertility. But everyone is not eligible for the treatment. There is an eligibility criterion for this method of medical solution of infertility. Given below are the major factors that decide whether an infertile individual can be accepted for the surrogacy treatment in Mombasa or not:

  • An intended mother is unable to carry the child in her womb because of life-threatening health issues.
  • A woman with a history of miscarriages
  • A single male parent willing to have a biological kid
  • An infertile couple with no hope of having a biological child with any other technique of fertility treatments
Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa 2021
Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa

Can homosexual couples opt for surrogacy in Mombasa?

Though there are no rules and regulation for conducting surrogacy in Mombasa (the largest city of Kenya), it has a reputation as a homophobic nation according to a study. This can work as a hindrance for same-sex couples seeking surrogacy at an affordable cost of surrogacy in Mombasa.

to have a biological child. Many surrogacy agencies advise same-sex couples to not reveal their sexualities.

Infertility in Mombasa

If we talk about infertile couples of Mombasa, they have to face discrimination in society because there, infertility of an individual is directly linked to the reputation of an individual or a family. More than men, infertile women have to face societal pressure and discrimination. Even, the women of Mombasa see infertility as a curse. This mentality needs to be changed and infertility should be seen as any other health problems. 

According to a report, the infertility rate is increasing every year in Kenya; still, no considerable steps have been taken for it. One of the reasons for it is the increasing population and poverty. But gradually people of Mombasa are opening up to infertility and its treatments. Even though major cities of Kenya such as Mombasa are becoming a destination for surrogacy at an affordable cost of surrogacy, there are no rules and regulations for it. This leads to the malpractices done by some fertility centre in Mombasa that ends up in hurting people sentiments. 

Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa
Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa

Which method of surrogacy is legal in Mombasa?

Mombasa is a city in Kenya where there is no law and order for surrogacy treatment. Unlike many countries, both traditional and gestational method of surrogacy is legal in Mombasa.

Traditional surrogacy: in this method of surrogacy the sperm of the intended father or donor sperm is combined with the egg of the surrogate through intrauterine insemination also known as IUI. In this method, the birth mother is the biological mother of the child. 

Gestational surrogacy: in this method of surrogacy the sperm of the intended father is combined with the egg of the intended mother in a culture dish to form an embryo. Then the embryo is implanted in the surrogate’s uterus to develop pregnancy. Once the pregnancy is developed the chances of successful treatment reached up to 95%. In the gestational method, the surrogate does not have a biological connection with the child.

In the gestational method, an embryo can be developed

  • With donor egg
  • With donor sperm
  • With donor embryo

These options are used when the egg or sperm of the intended parent(S) is not fit or healthy to form an embryo.

Do babies look like the surrogate mother?

The appearance of the child depends on the egg and sperm that has been used to form the embryo. In the traditional method of surrogacy, there are chances that the child can look like a birth mother, even some of his/her habits can be similar to the surrogate.

In the gestational method, if the egg and sperm are of intended parents then the appearance of a child will match the parents. If it is of donor then the child could look like the donor as the baby will possess the biological connection to the donor.

How to get a free surrogate in Mombasa?

Getting a free surrogate can cut the cost of surrogacy in Mombasa. But can you get a free surrogate? – Yes.  You read it correctly; an infertile individual who is looking for treatment can get a surrogate for free that can save a huge part in the cost of surrogacy in Mombasa. This method is called the altruistic method. There are two methods; commercial and altruistic method.

Commercial method: in the commercial method, infertile individual pay the surrogate a fair amount of fee to carry his or her child in her womb and give birth.  The surrogate is not an acquaintance of the couple or individual.

Altruistic method: in the altruistic method, the intended parent(s) doesn’t pay any amount to the birth mother as a fee to carry his or her child in her womb and give birth. In this method, the birth mother can be related to the infertile individual, she can be a friend or relative. In many countries, out of both methods, the altruistic method is legal for surrogacy.  

However, in both methods, the expenses of medications and accommodations are paid by the intended parent(s) which are already included in the given surrogacy cost in Mombasa.

Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa
Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa

Where you can find the best surrogacy treatment?

Surrogacy is an expensive medical solution to infertility. This treatment is mainly suggested to the infertile couples who have lost faith after multiple failed attempts in other fertility treatment such as IVF, ICSI and so on.

Even this treatment has a very high success rate which is up to 95%; it should be the job of an eligible individual who is seeking surrogacy as his or her last ray of hope to find the best surrogacy centre at a reasonable cost of surrogacy in Mombasa.

A good surrogacy centre will never mislead its clients for the clinic’s benefit in terms of monetary. It will clear all the doubts of its clients at the very beginning of the process by answering all the questions, as well as giving entire information on surrogacy cost in Mombasa. A respectable fertility centre never keeps any hidden charges from the patient(S).

As Mombasa doesn’t have rules and regulations for regulating surrogacy, choosing a genuine centre can be tough. Many centres or clinics do play mind games with people to fool them and make money by doing tricks such as adding an extra amount in the already mentioned surrogacy cost in Mombasa. In this situation, an individual needs to be extra cautious and do thorough research of the clinics shortlisted by him/her.

Surrogate mother Kenya is one of the leading surrogacy centres spreading its roots to the major cities of Kenya including Mombasa. The reasons for the popularity of our centre (Surrogate mother Kenya) are its loyalty, transparency, trustworthiness and pocket-friendly cost of surrogacy in Mombasa.  

Surrogate mother Kenya aims to provide excellent quality treatment to the individuals and couples who intend to be parents. The centre’s surrogacy cost in Mombasa is reasonable. With the team of fertility experts and staffs, Surrogate mother Kenya has helped hundreds of couples and individuals to achieve the desired outcome at an affordable surrogacy cost in Mombasa.

As we all know surrogacy is the last option for infertile couples, it becomes the duty of the centre to make it successful. For that, a centre should have advanced technology and equipped lab along with experienced doctors and staff.  Surrogate mother Kenya understands the seriousness of the situation and provides world-class treatment at an economical cost of surrogacy in Mombasa.

Also, the centre (Surrogate mother Kenya) has registered surrogates, with a healthy background. Once the client selects the surrogates, the full-body medical checkup is done before implanting the embryo into the surrogate’s uterus. This price of tests is included in the final surrogacy cost in Mombasa.   

Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi
Surrogacy Cost in Mombasa

How much does surrogacy cost in Mombasa?

The cost of surrogacy in Mombasa at surrogate mother Kenya depends on some dynamics which are mention below:

  • With Self eggs or sperm
  • Donor egg: In some cases, the egg of the intended mother doesn’t match the quality of suitable eggs, in this situation doctors recommend doing the treatment with a donor egg.
  • Donor sperm: In some cases, the sperm of the intended father is of poor quality due to some factors, in this situation doctors advise the client to go with donor sperm.

These are the factors that sum up to the final cost of surrogacy in Mombasa at surrogate mother Kenya. The surrogacy cost in Mombasa is around 40,000 USD.

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