Why most of the international patients visit Surrogacy Hospital in Kenya for their treatment?

Yesterday morning there was a meeting held at one of the renowned hospitals in Kenya and all the people across the globe were gathered there and the agenda for the meeting was that why most of the international patients visit the Surrogacy Hospital in Kenya only and not the surrogacy hospital in their own countries.

The patient who had their surrogacy treatment at Surrogacy Hospital Kenya they told the entire people was sitting in the meeting that why they left their country and travel to Kenya for their surrogacy procedure. They explain their experience with the surrogacy centre in their own country. They told that when they met their fertility expert and they got to know that they have no other option left apart from surrogacy and for this; they need to pay USD 90,000 plus other expenses. The couple said that at that time they left the hospital and also lose their hope to become a parent of an own baby because they were not able to afford this high fertility treatment and also they told that their fertility expert was also not sure whether they will have the successful pregnancy after the surrogacy procedure or not.

The fertility expert in their country told them that they have to bear all the expenses of surrogates as well which will be around USD 30,000 apart from their cost of the treatment. The couple said that they were broken into pieces and they left all their hope. After few months they met their friend and they just discuss their problem with them and the friend of the couple told them that why you people not trying to visit the Surrogacy Hospital Kenya which is the best and leading centre that will fulfil your dream of having an own baby.

They told their friend that this treatment is very expensive we can’t afford it, and then their friend told them that Kenya is a country where they will get the reasonable surrogacy treatment with high success rate and also the friend of the couple gave them the number of the Surrogacy Center in Kenya. The couple called the centre and they spoke to the representative of the hospital who asks them to send their medical reports first and then they will call back after reviewing their reports.

The couple said that they receive a call from Kenya hospital and the fertility expert told them to visit the Surrogacy Center in Kenya for further details. They said that they were very nervous and was thinking that is it really possible that they can see their own baby.

At the time when they enter the Surrogacy Hospital Kenya, they found the positive energy around them and the fertility experts also communicating with their patients in a very polite manner and also they properly examined each and every couple before suggesting them for the treatment.

The couple said they find a hope that they can also have their own baby and this centre will fulfil their dream to come true. When they met the fertility expert she properly examines both of them and after the proper examination, they told the couple that the quality of women eggs and the men sperm are good enough but there is a problem with the women uterus that she is not able to carry the pregnancy. The couple said that after listening to the words of the fertility expert they lose their hope but she explains them about the gestational surrogacy procedure which is one of the best surrogacy procedures at Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya. This is a procedure in which the fertility expert will collect the eggs from the women ovaries and mix them together with the sperm of the intended father to facilitate the fertilization. Once the fertilization occurs the resulted embryo will be transferred to the uterus of another woman who is known as the “Surrogate Mother” for the couple and she is the one who willingly will carry the baby for the intended parents and will hand-over the baby after the baby birth.

The surrogate will be paid for her services which will be in monthly instalments so that she can take good care of the baby as herself. The entire package of the surrogacy treatment in Kenya will cost the couple around USD 35,000 including all other expenses such as the cost of the surrogate mother, legal charges, blood investigation, screening of surrogates etc. The couple was very happy and they are ready for the treatment. After the treatment, the couple has their own baby in their arms and they left the Surrogacy Clinic in Kenya will the full heart of happiness and joy with their baby.

Website:  www.surrogatemotherkenya.com

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