Surrogacy in Kenya

Why Kenya for surrogacy?

Kenya is the most preferred destination for surrogacy and various infertility treatments than the well-developed countries. For surrogacy, Kenya does not have such governing rules that stop a person from having a child through surrogacy. Everyone has the right of becoming parents after their marriage. But some people are failing to do so because of infertility. Surrogacy and various infertility treatments form to help these people. Infertility affects the life of many people by snatching their happiness (baby) and does not leave any best alternative.

For Surrogacy Kenya, anyone can have as no governing rule presents. All singles, heterosexuals, and gays have no restriction over surrogacy. It is a highly successful process in Kenya to become parents successfully. Surrogacy in Kenya cost is sensible than in the US or the USA.

How to select a surrogate mother in Kenya?  

Another woman will carry and deliver your child. You will choose a woman to be your surrogate mother for your surrogacy in Kenya procedure. Her conception will perform with your eggs and sperm. Your child will deliver by surrogate after nine months. 

She should have a healthy lifestyle and background to deliver and carry the baby. It can be a costly process that also includes agency fees. Surrogacy through an agency will result in the best conception success rates.

After thoroughly analyzing all of the following details, you should choose a surrogate mother:

  • According to her BMI, she should keep a healthy weight (Body Mass Index).
  • She should have one healthy child, and her husband supports her decision.
  • She must sign a legal document acknowledging that she has no rights to the kid before or after birth.
  • You must choose one with comparable attributes to the partners, such as the same hair, eyes, and skin colour.
  • Should have previous experience carrying and delivering a child.

How does surrogacy proceed in Kenya?

Surrogacy Kenya is a very successful procedure in completing families of many people. It performs between the surrogate and intended parents. The surrogate mother conceives with the eggs and sperm fertilization of the couple.

Surrogacy in Kenya has two types gestational and traditional.

Traditionally, the intended father’s sperm fertilizes the surrogate mother’s eggs. Your specialist will recommend a type based on your infertility situation. The following steps will follow to complete the surrogacy process in Kenya:

  1. Surrogate mother selection and screening: The commissioning parents will select a surrogate mother through the agency based on the parameters listed. She should be in good health and free of any diseases or problems. The blood tests and ultrasounds will perform by your specialist to know the internal health of the surrogate mother. Her mental health and past will examine during the pregnancy and child well being. Through screening, her reproductive organs and hormonal levels will determine.
  2. Egg collection: The ovaries of the prospective mother encourage the release of high-quality eggs one at a time. It will work in conjunction with fertility drugs that promote ovarian activity and encourage the discharge of healthy eggs. The eggs will release into the uterus with the help of hormonal medications. It will make the retrieval method easy for your expert. The fine needle collects the eggs from the uterus using a gadget. The male partner will ejaculate and generate a semen sample for the expert.
  3. Fertilization: Your sperm and eggs will inseminate on a culture plate. In it, motile sperm will attach their heads and enter the cytoplasm. This operation will take a few days to complete. ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is another technique that aids in conception. Each egg will fertilize with high-quality, healthy sperm.
  4. Implantation and pregnancy: The chosen ones will place the catheter on the surrogate mother’s uterus and insert it. Through the vaginal entrance, it will enter the surrogate uterus. It will be implanted in the uterine lining by your specialist. It will adhere to the uterine wall, causing pregnant symptoms. To confirm the pregnancy, your specialist will recommend a blood test. The positive pregnancy results will proceed as usual; otherwise, another conception cycle will require.
  5. Delivery: The intended parents are responsible for caring for the surrogate mother for nine months, including housing, food, regular checkups, and other necessities.

The process of traditional surrogacy in Kenya:-

  1. The medication encourages the surrogate mother to mature and produce more eggs, which enhances the quality and quantity of the eggs. It will also prepare the uterine lining.
  2. The expert will obtain a sample of sperm from either the male spouse or the sperm donor. It will wash the items and select the highest-quality ones to fill the injection.
  3. The sperm will inject into the surrogate mother uterus during an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment cycle for conception.
  4. Inside the surrogate uterus, the eggs will fertilize with the sperm, and a blood test will confirm the pregnancy after three to four weeks.

What does the best centre has surrogacy Kenya cost?

Surrogacy is an expensive process that requires the womb of another female to carry the baby for a couple for nine months. It requires various charges and expenditures by couples from conceiving to delivering the baby.

The surrogacy in Kenya cost ranges from (approx.) KES 4000000. Surrogacy cost Kenya can influence by various factors. It can require the surrogate mother compensation, medications, surgical process, donor egg or sperm, observation, advanced methods and clinic charges. 

You will pay for the surrogate initiative and fulfil all expenses and routine checkups.  The SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA is the best centre in Kenya. It has the best treatment approaches to assist couples in becoming parents with infertility problems. The centre provides high success rates in having the baby in arms. Their focus is on the root cause of the problem and providing high satisfaction to couples with better results. It has a well-trained and experienced medical staff with top fertility specialists. It has 70% to 80% high success rates in surrogacy and provides you with a high chance of becoming parents.

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