IUI treatment in Kenya

Why IUI treatment for conception in Kenya?

The Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) process performs for several infertility conditions of partners. It recommends for the mild problems of men and women. It is a very minimally invasive procedure that performs in minimal time. It functions by placing the male sperm directly into the female uterus for conception. The eggs fertilize with the sperm and provide pregnancy results after some days. It is a process of artificial insemination performed by a fertility expert in a clinic or doctor’s office setting.

Many people face different issues in conceiving biological children naturally. Assisted Reproductive Conceptions has the best procedures that help in having pregnancy successfully. Sterility affects their lives thoroughly and causes various problems. Your conception chances will increase through treatment that accomplishes by a fertility expert.

Kenya is the best country for treatment among well-developed nations in the west. You can have more affordable treatment cost in Kenya than in other countries. In Kenya, numerous centres and clinics with the most up-to-date technologies and methodologies are available. 

The IUI cost in Kenya is lower than in Western countries. Kenya selects by people from all over the world for its appropriate and equitable infertility treatments.

IUI in Kenya has a high success rate in providing conception.


IUI recommends the following sterility problems for men and women:-

  • Unexplained infertility: This type of infertility occurs when a couple cannot conceive due to a lack of a distinguishing factor that experts can use to diagnose or treat the underlying cause.IUI can treat the condition that occurs with fertility medicine.
  • Male infertility: Mild issues such as poor sperm count and motility can assist through IUI treatment. Your expert will analyze a semen sample and, in the case of poor movement, morphology (abnormal shape and size), experts recommend IUI.
  • Donor sperm: In no sperm count or male sperm cannot use in the conception experts suggest donor assistance. The donor sperm has higher success rates than using self sperm for conception. Fertilizing the female eggs with the donor sperm will perform through the IUI process.
  • The female cervix releases mucus during ovulation, the vaginal and uterine lining for sperm passage. In some women, it gets thicker and causes problems in the sperm function inside the female body.
  • Some females have an allergy or other reaction to sperm, which interferes with successful pregnancy outcomes. IUI involves implanting sperm directly into the female uterus.
  • IUI is the first recommended approach in the endometriosis infertility condition that causes issues with fertilization.

What is the IUI treatment procedure in Kenya?

A fertility specialist collects male sperm and place into the female uterus for conception during the Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) procedure. Experts select healthy sperm for the best results from the process. They use fertility medicines to increase the health of the eggs inside the female uterus. IUI success rates in Kenya depend on the condition and age of partners. Higher age partners require multiple IUI treatment cycles to confirm results. The following steps will include your IUI treatment process in Kenya:-

  1. Screening:- The medical check-ups of both partners will perform by the expert. It will help in determining the infertility condition of the couple. It will include several checks such as the blood, an ultrasound, and other tests. They will try to find the cause of your infertility and suggest treatment procedures accordingly.
  2. Starting any infertility process, the best centre provides counselling sessions through the best counsellors. It helps with the psychological issue inner trauma of partners as counsellors offer support and solve all queries regarding the procedure.
  3. Preparing: The expert will gather the semen sample from the male partner. They will prepare the semen sample and remove the toxic elements. Your expert will wash and separate healthy and highly active sperm for the fertilization process.
  4. Ovulation:- Your expert will recommend fertility medicines that increase the health and the high number of eggs. They will track ovulation using blood tests or an ovulation predictor. The eggs will release into the uterus through natural hormonal medication.
  5. Insemination:- Once your expert confirms the ovulation and egg production inside the female uterus, the expert will perform the process after one to two days. A catheter (a flexible device with a light and a camera) will insert into the female uterus. The expert will open the vagina and cervix to insert it and place the sperm through the catheter.
  6. Outcomes: Your expert will suggest waiting two to three weeks after the procedure. It will help in the insemination and fertilization of eggs and sperm inside the uterus. The blood test after some weeks will confirm the pregnancy results.

How much does it cost in Kenya?

IUI treatment cost in Kenya is less than other infertility treatments because it involves a quick and minimally invasive procedure. The IVF procedure, for example, necessitates extracting the eggs and sperm of partners outside of the uterus for fertilization and then transferring them back inside. While IUI only requires collecting the male sperm and inserting it into the female uterus.

The IUI cost in Kenya is more reasonable than in developed countries like the U.S.A, the U.S, Canada, and Russia. It is a central destination for people from many countries because of its reasonable and appropriate pricing.

Several factors can affect the IUI price in Kenya as the infertility condition, age of the partners, and processes they require. Advanced age partners need more than one IUI cycle to conceive successfully. You require donor sperm that increases the overall cost of your treatment.

Which centre provides the best IUI treatment in Kenya?

SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA is the best IUI clinic in Kenya at an affordable cost. It has top approaches with high rates accomplished by highly experienced and certified fertility experts and doctors. 

You can have the best facilities for infertility processes provided by the centre.

It has high IUI success rates in Kenya that provide better conception. You can have various infertility treatments in the centre that perform with the latest technologies and advanced methods.

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