ICSI treatment cost in Kenya

Why ICSI treatment in Kenya?

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is an ART (Assisted Reproductive Technique) that helps in the couple pregnancy. The treatment recommends for male infertility issues. Male infertility concerns relate to sperm quality, which must be healthy for optimal results. Because of the improper nutrients diet, lack of exercise, surgery or injury, many men face sperm problems. In the advanced age of the male partner, his sperm movement and production decreases. It causes problems in the couple pregnancy and cannot become parents.

In natural fertilization, the sperm penetrates the egg’s cytoplasm and fertilizes. In ICSI, the healthy prepared sperm injects into an egg directly. It is the latest technology that assists with IVF treatment.

Kenya is the best destination for infertility treatments than in developed countries. You can have affordable costs for every treatment. ICSI in Kenya is available in the best centre. In the best fertility centre of Kenya, ICSI performs in a well-equipped laboratory. It has high success rates in Kenya. The ICSI cost in Kenya is more reasonable than in the United States and the United States of America. Kenya has vast technologies for every treatment.


Which infertility conditions can ICSI assist?

It is with male infertility treatment that fertilizes the eggs and sperm of the partners in the lab. It directly injects a single sperm into an egg. Most times, couples cannot conceive because of infertility problems in the male partner. Many intended fathers want to hear their biological children voices but, male infertility issues stand between them.

ICSI can assist with the following infertility problems in Kenya:-

  • Male partner has poor sperm count that causes failure in previous IVF cycle
  • Sperm Morphology such as has abnormal shape and size of sperm
  • The sperm movement is poor that cannot move or fertilize eggs
  • If very few eggs fertilize in the previous IVF treatment cycle
  • The frozen eggs are using in the couple conception requires ICSI for fertilization
  • You are using SSR (Surgical Sperm Retrieval) to collect sperm from the testicles. It will be because you have a lower sperm count.

How does ICSI proceed in Kenya?

The ICSI procedure in Kenya accomplishes with the latest technologies and advanced methods. It performs under the guidance and observation of the fertility experts of the lab. The process increases the conception chance of the couple. In Kenya, ICSI is part of IVF treatment that assists in the eggs and sperm successful fertilization. Following is the IVF with ICSI procedure in Kenya:-

  1. Medical Examination:- The specialist will conduct a screening of both partners. It will verify their medical history and their fertility status.
  2. The specialist will validate the quality of their eggs and sperm through analysis. The ultrasound and blood test will aid in the procedure by examining the reproductive organs for health.
  3. Stimulation:- The fertility medicines will stimulate the female ovaries. It will prescribe by your expert that will increase the egg production in the ovaries for a time. It will observe with the ultrasound and blood test. After that, one hormonal medicine will inject into the female. It will release the eggs into the uterus by promoting the uterus.
  4. Egg retrieval: Within 36 hours of medication, the eggs from the female uterus retrieve. A device (catheter) with a high-resolution camera and a light will insert into the uterus. It will perform by your expert that collects the eggs with the help of a sharp needle. To calm the process, your expert can use anaesthesia. 
  5. Sperm collection:- The sperm will collect through the male partner through ejaculation or surgical retrieval. In the blockage condition, the sperm will retrieve from the reproductive tract. Your expert will separate high-quality sperm through preparing. It will perform with the Surgical Sperm Retrieval (TESA/PESA) methods. 
  6. Fertilization (ICSI): In standard IVF fertilization, the eggs and sperm will place together on a Petri plate and, the moving sperm fertilize the eggs. But in ICSI, your expert will prepare the healthy sperm injections. Each healthy sperm injection will inject into individual eggs. It will fertilize the eggs sooner and form embryos.
  7. Implantation:- The embryo development will monitor in the lab, allowing them to select the most developed embryos. The chosen one will place on a catheter and inserted into the female uterus through the vagina and cervix.
  8. Results:- Your expert will hold a blood test after two to three weeks of implantation. It will confirm the pregnancy and ICSI treatment Kenya results.

How much does ICSI cost in Kenya?

ICSI cost in Kenya ranges from USD 4000. The cost is lower than other countries like the U.S and the U.S.A. ICSI is the part of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) that increase the chances through helping in the fertilization of eggs and sperm.

ICSI Cost Kenya effect various factors such as

  • The age of couples affects the chances of success through the treatments. It can require various treatment cycles and an advanced approach to conceive successfully. The cost of approaches and treatments cycles affects the overall charges.
  • You are using the donor egg that will increase the cost high.
  • The sperm collects through a surgical method such as TESA/PESA requires extra charges to proceed with the ICSI treatment.
  • You can have an affordable cost of ICSI in Kenya than in the well-developed countries.
  • The success rate of ICSI in Kenya is high as it assists the eggs and sperm fertilization process. It performs with an advanced approach of injecting healthy sperm into eggs. By doing this, it provides better chances in various sperm related problems. 
Which is the best ICSI centre in Kenya?

The ICSI is the latest procedure that assists male infertility and helps couples conceive successfully. SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA has helped many patients to have successful results until now. It has well-experienced fertility experts and doctors that behave well with every patient.

Their services are available every time and can provide the best opportunity for couples. The approaches available in the centre are highly successful in delivering conception.

It has a 40% to 50% ICSI success rate in Kenya. Their treatment rates are higher than other Kenyan clinics and draw patients from all around the world.

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