Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi 2021?

How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi?

Nairobi has become one of the most picked cities for people suffering from infertility who are looking for surrogacy. Do you know why? –  The key factor that is attracting them is the modestly priced surrogacy cost in Nairobi.  Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, where increasing infertility cases are still not considered a serious health issue. But it cannot be denied that many individuals in Nairobi are suffering from it. Because of that reason they have to endure societal pressure. 

Then, what could be the reason that many non-Kenyan infertile individuals are selecting Nairobi for surrogacy treatment? – The answer is simple; it is the easily accessible surrogacy procedure and affordable cost of surrogacy in Nairobi.

Nairobi has been one of the favourite infertility treatment destinations for Kenyan and Africans for years. Now, the increasing recognition of its surrogacy treatment and popularly priced surrogacy cost in Nairobi has become the impelling cause for its worldwide choice.

Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi
Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi

Overview of Surrogacy in Nairobi

Surrogacy is seen as the last option in infertility treatment. When an intended parent(s) has tried other infertility treatments and hasn’t able to achieve the desired outcome or in another scenario when the fertility condition of an individual is not eligible for other infertility treatment, then the doctor or specialist advises them to opt for surrogacy as it has the higher success rate than other treatments. 

In Nairobi, there is no strict law and orders for Surrogacy yet. This factor can benefit the childless couple(S) as it becomes easy to access the treatment without any law. At the same time, it can create difficulties in the procedure. Also, malpractices such as frauds can be done with the patient(s) as there is no strict law and order for regulating surrogacy.

In Nairobi, the birth mother or surrogate mother has legal rights to the baby. Once the baby is born the surrogate give away her rights on the child and hand over the baby to the intended parent(s) after a legal agreement that has to be signed once the child is born. There are chances that surrogate or birth mother can deny surrendering the child to the parents and they cannot force her to do things in their favour. 

Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi
Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi

The procedure of surrogacy in Nairobi

For surrogacy three persons or in the single parent case, two people have a pivotal role. One is a surrogate and another is an intended parent(S).

In the first step, counselling is given to both parties as it is a big step for both of them. Through counselling, all the information related to surrogacy is given to them. It helps in knowing the mental health of the birth mother.

Then, the main medical procedure starts. In that procedure, the egg of the intended mother and the sperm of the intended father is combined to form an embryo in a petri dish. Once the embryo is formed it is implanted in the birth mother’s uterus to develop pregnancy.  Once the surrogate gets pregnant, she carries the child in her womb for nine months.

In Nairobi, the birth mother or surrogate is the legal mother of the child. Once the child is born, in the place of the mother’s name on the birth certificate, the surrogate’s name is written by the hospital. For taking the child home, the surrogate signs an agreement and hand over the child to the parents.

In the case of a single female or male parent, in the place of the intended mother’s egg or the intended father’s sperm, the donor’s egg or sperm is used respectively for fertilization. Rest the procedure is similar.

Once the surrogate conceives, the medical expenses and the living expenses of the surrogate are afforded by the intended parent(S) till the birth of the child.

After the child’s birth, the surrogate signs the legal paper and relinquished her rights to the child and hand over the baby to its biological parents.

How to select the surrogacy centre in Nairobi?

Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi
Surrogacy Cost in Nairobi

Sometimes the procedure of Surrogacy is not only pocket-burdening but also requires investing emotions.  There are some cases in Nairobi where the childless couple or single from outside Nairobi has been tricked in a way by fertility clinics offering surrogacy that made him/her emotionally and financially drained. 

It is advisable for individuals looking for treatment in Nairobi; they need to be extra cautious while selecting the surrogacy centre. The surrogacy cost in Nairobi can influence you in choosing an adequate centre. Some key factors that a treatment seeker should keep in mind before choosing a fertility centre or clinic or hospital are mention below:

Criminal History research: it is a must, no matter what they tell you while you call them, always research by yourself. Check out if any cases filed against them if they have been involved in any fraud before.

Success rate: It is obvious that everyone wants to get treatment from the clinic with a high success rate but some clinics do false claims to attract customers. Be aware of them.

Doctors: along with the latest technologies the success of treatment lies on the hand or experience of a doctor. A patient should develop knowledge about a doctor or specialist’s work history. 

Cost: it is natural, if the same thing is available at an affordable price, a person will go for the affordable one rather than costlier. But some fertility centres offer a doubtful surrogacy cost in Nairobi. It is beneficial if the price is economical but it should not be priced suspiciously. 

Where to find the best fertility treatment at an affordable surrogacy cost in Nairobi?

Above we have already provided you with the key points to identify a good fertility centre or clinic or hospital in Nairobi. Now is the time to reveal the place where you can find the best fertility treatment at an economical surrogacy cost in Nairobi. 

Surrogate Mother Kenya is a fertility specialist that has come out as a blessing to many childless individuals. Till now they have guided many couples in choosing the best fertility treatment according to their fertility condition.

Surrogacy is considered the last hope in infertility solutions. It becomes a duty of a fertility centre to make it successful by giving its best treatment. We at Surrogate Mother Kenya make sure that our clients don’t walk out of our clinic with disappointment. For that, we have a team of prominent fertility specialists and well-skilled staff with years of experience.

We also assist in selecting a healthy and fit surrogate for bearing the client’s child. We verify that the birth mother has a healthy medical history and fulfil the entire legal requirement to be a surrogate in Nairobi.

Before starting the treatment we counsel the surrogate and intended parent(s). This is part of our treatment. Like other steps of the treatment, it is also an important aspect to clarify doubts related to the treatment and to know the clients even better than before. 

The surrogacy cost in Nairobi differs from person to person’s fertility condition. Additional charges are added if the egg or sperm or embryo is of the donor and if any other treatment is included for increasing the chances of developing a healthy embryo.

The cost of surrogacy in Nairobi at Surrogate Mother Kenya is USD 40,000 (With self eggs or sperm) and USD 60,000 (With donor egg or sperm or embryo).


Is surrogacy legal in Nairobi, Kenya?

Though there is no law and orders for surrogacy in Nairobi, Kenya, it is providing the best treatment to Africans and non-Africans for years.

Is surrogacy cheaper than IVF?

The answer is no, surrogacy is not cheaper than IVF. Surrogacy requires a surrogate for completing the procedure which adds up in the cost.

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