Surrogacy for single parents in Kenya

Why single parent surrogacy in Kenya?

People in today’s environment desire to build their own families and do not want to marry to raise their children. Many countries provide surrogacy for single parents and same-sex male couples. They have chances to become happy parents through the process. Surrogacy is the most common method for assisting people who have no other option but to become parents. They wanted to pursue their carrier and raise a child, not to get married. Conceiving a child and becoming a mother is only possible for a woman. A single man or male couple cannot become parents themselves and requires assistance. Surrogacy is the best process as the surrogate mother will conceive and give birth to their children. You can become parents through surrogacy and have biological children.

Kenya is the best place for surrogacy with no law or legality. Anyone with infertility or who wants to pursue a career first can choose it in Kenya. It provides successful results in different problems and provides biological children. The single father can have the baby through surrogacy as the surrogate mother’s conception will perform with his sperm. 

Everything is possible thanks to cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge processes. Surrogacy for single parents in Kenya is a popular choice globally. Kenya appeals to singles and gays because of its healthy children and happy households.

Surrogacy for single parent

What are the surrogacy laws in Kenya?

Surrogacy provides the best results in the successful delivery of biological children. Many countries have different laws and legal rules that limit some people and couples. Kenya is the best country with no law over surrogacy and does not consist of any person from surrogacy. Centres and hospitals in Kenya provide the procedure to everyone and help them become parents successfully. You are homosexual couples, single men, another country people, want to become parents, have infertility issues, pursue a career first, etc. Kenya allows surrogacy for every person to have their children and become parents. You have to make legal agreements between yourself and the surrogate mother. It will help you become parents legally, and no one can interfere in the process.

Can a single man hire a surrogate?

Yes, a single man can hire a surrogate mother in Kenya. They can become a parent through surrogacy as the surrogate mother will carry the baby. You have to select a healthy woman to conceive and deliver the baby for you. The process is available in Kenya, and you can have surrogacy for single parents. It provides a great chance of becoming parents in severe infertility issues, and the female partner does not present. The divorcee or widow single male who wants to raise a self child without marriage can experience pregnancy from the surrogate conception. You have to select a surrogate mother through the agency or centre. You have to pay for her basic needs and essentials till childbirth. She should have similar features like hair, eyes, and skin colour.

What process does surrogacy have in Kenya?

Your surrogacy process will depend on different aspects. It has two types that help in the surrogate mother conception. You are a heterosexual partner and have healthy eggs and sperm, the expert will recommend Gestational. It performs with IVF procedure that fertilizes the eggs and sperm of partners and transfers it into the surrogate womb for pregnancy. In male surrogacy, the surrogate mother will conceive through conventional. The eggs will not retrieve in the process as the male sperm will place into the surrogate mother’s womb directly for conception. The gay surrogacy Kenya can perform through gestational as you can have donor eggs. Your expert will suggest the type according to your conditions and needs. You are a single male who wants to become a father, so single father surrogacy in Kenya perform through IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). It will include collecting the male sperm to prepare and select high-growing ones. It implants into the surrogate uterus with a device for pregnancy results.

Surrogacy for single parents will accomplish in the following steps:

  • Selecting surrogate:- You can choose a healthy woman as a surrogate mother through an agency or find yourself. She should have a healthy lifestyle with good fertility conditions. You should check her family and educational background as it impacts the child development. Her skin, hair, and eyes should all be the same colour that will transfer into the infant.
  • Screening: The fertility expert will perform various medical checkups of the surrogate mother and single intended father. It will include several testing with baseline blood work and ultrasounds. It will confirm the fertility and internal health condition of the surrogate mother.
  • Legal agreement: The man and surrogate mother will sign and verify a legal contract confirming the rights and regulations for surrogacy. It will state the process and no relation of the surrogate mother to the child.
  • Stimulation: The expert in the centre prescribes some fertility medicines to encourage the surrogate mother’s ovaries to produce healthy eggs. It will release into the uterus with hormonal medications.
  • Insemination: A semen sample will collect through the man and prepares by the expert. They will collect the healthy sperm by washing for the further process. A device (catheter, thin and long tube) will insert into the surrogate uterus through the vagina and add the sperm inside. It will reach into the uterus near the mature eggs produced by the ovaries. It will fertilize inside the uterus and develop into embryos after some time.
  • Pregnancy: A blood test after two to three weeks of the process will recommend by the expert. It will confirm the surrogate mother’s pregnancy results.
  • Aftercare: Your expert will prescribe some supplements to boost a healthy pregnancy. After one to two months, the surrogate mother will visit the doctor for routine checkups till baby birth.
  • Delivery: It will happen after nine months of pregnancy and depend on the child’s health and condition.
Does surrogacy cost is higher for a single male parent?

No, the cost of Single father surrogacy in Kenya does not cause higher costs than for heterosexual couples. The individual has various problems that affect successful results possible through pregnancy. The male has sperm problems that affect the surrogate conception process. It can assist with the latest procedures and technologies. It increases the surrogacy cost higher in Kenya.   The top surrogacy centre in Kenya is SURROGATE MOTHER KENYA. They adhere to all government-mandated treatment guidelines. They offer a surrogacy service for gays and single male dads who want to start a family.

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