How to increase chances of getting pregnant with IUI


iui treatment in kenya

IUI treatment

  • IUI treatment (intrauterine insemination) is one of the major treatment and also known as a superior alternative to get rid of infertility.
  • The place of intrauterine insemination (IUI), especially in association with in-vitro fertilization (IVF) remains sensible.
  • There are extensive variations in manifestation, protocols of ovarian stimulation, semen construction, timing, number & skill of insemination.
  • There are different belief concerning the benefits acquired from IUI.
  • IUI treatment should be the first choice remedy for lenient male factor infertility, unknown infertility or minimal to clement endometriosis.
  • Inclement male factor infertility, unknown infertility IUI treatment is as fruitful as IVF.
  • In husband and wife with the acutest semen obstruction, IUI in natural cycle & inclement to moderate semen obstruction, Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation with IUI treatment.
  • Four cycles of IUI treatment are enough to increase chances of pregnancy.
  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment is the curative method of placing washed spermatozoa transcervically into the uterine cavity.



  • As we know Kenya is a country which is located in South Africa. Years ago Kenya was not among developed country for healthcare services, especially for infertility treatment. But in recent days Kenya is regarded as the well-known location for infertility treatment. most of the couples have solved their infertility treatment in Kenya.IUI treatment in Kenya is proceeded by highly qualified doctors providing high success rates at a very reasonable cost. Before starting the IUI treatment in Kenya experts want to know the actual problem of a couple so that it will be easy to start the treatment with great possessiveness.
  • Most of the couple from India have been Kenya for IUI treatment.For them, IUI treatment in Kenya was very beneficial as they told me. From them, I got to know that literally, IUI treatment in Kenya is very fruitful because there was victim of infertility and after achieving IUI treatment in Kenya I saw they were blessed with a baby girl. Wheather of Kenya to get IUI treatment is very acceptable. most of the cases have been found successful. Even sometimes infertile couple stays unknown from that fact that what the actual biological problem is going with them. The effectiveness of IUI treatment in Kenya reduced the pregnancy rates in patients with endometriosis. As we are well known from term endometriosis we must be a concern.

I think now it has been cleared, seriously IUI  treatment makes infertility couple life cheerful. and  IUI treatment in Kenya can be selected as the best location to achieve a high success rate of pregnancy. pregnancy is such a natural incidence which every woman wants. even all of the women knows while delivery of baby women should undergo through un-tolerable pain .but achieving the designation of the mother  is a great happiness which can be obtained from IUI treatment in Kenya. Surrogate mother Kenya deserve great thanks….

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