IVF Cost in South Africa 2019

How much does IVF cost in South Africa?

What is IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)?

IVF is the most popular type of assisted reproductive technology used to treat the infertility problem. Infertility is a widely spreading issue in which a couple is incapable of producing their own offspring due to some common symptoms and health issues that cause such disability. There has been a steep rise in the infertility cases over the past few years, resulting in the need for fertility treatments in order to get pregnant and IVF is one such treatment.

During IVF treatment procedure, fertilization is achieved outside the woman’s body by combining the eggs of the mother and the sperms of father and keeping them in a petri dish till the sperm penetrates and fertilizes the egg. Surrogate Mother Kenya is the best hospital for IVF treatment in South Africa as we have fertility experts who have years of experience in performing fertility treatments and have provided desired outcomes to their patients.

Why opt for IVF treatment at South Africa?

IVF treatment can prove to be beneficial in both male and female causes of infertility. There are several causes of infertility such as alcohol, smoking, ovulation disorders, hormone imbalance, obesity, etc. Age can also be seen as the cause of infertility in women as fertility declines as the woman gets old.

IVF is often seen as an uncertain endeavor to the couple as they are not sure whether this treatment is going to give them positive results or not, and the treatment process itself is time-consuming and complicated, which makes it hard for the couple to decide to undergo the treatment. At Surrogate Mother Kenya, you can be assured that you are going to receive a quality-treatment at an acceptable price, which is not too heavy on your pocket. Our fertility expert uses latest technology and equipment and keeps abreast with all the advanced techniques taking place in the fertility treatment department. IVF cost in South Africa is comparatively lower in comparison to the cost of IVF treatment given in the other developed nations. Low cost of IVF in South Africa is the major attraction to the people from other developed foreign countries taking fertility treatment in South Africa.

Choose South Africa for a cost-effective IVF treatment

Every patient looking for IVF treatment has a desire to avail quality treatment by certified fertility experts at a low-price. However, they fail to experience such facilities in their developed countries and look for other options where they can receive such benefits. For such patients, Surrogate Mother Kenya is the right option as we are committed to giving our patients the best fertility treatment at a reasonable price and they won’t regret getting treated at our fertility center.

It’s an inherent wish in every human to become a parent someday but due to unavoidable circumstances, they are deprived of this journey of parenthood. When all else fails, the last option left for them is a fertility treatment, but they are hesitant to undergo such treatments because of the uncertainty factor attached to the success rates of these treatments and the other reason is their considerably high costs.

Surrogate Mother Kenya is the option for people who can’t afford the high expenses of fertility clinics at their home country. IVF treatment cost in South Africa is reasonable and affordable and we pay special attention when dealing with our patients; it is important for us to precisely determine the specific condition and needs of our patients so we prepare a customized treatment plan for them and make sure that our patients only pay for the services they need and charge no other unnecessary costs.

There has been a significant increase in the number of people visiting Kenya over the past few years, the reason being the fertility treatments being offered at a sensible price. Cost of IVF in South Africa is affordable to patients from all social cultures and economic backgrounds. We have customized treatment packages to accommodate the needs of our patients and a team of highly qualified fertility experts who are adept at providing the best fertility treatment to their patients.

IVF Cost in South Africa 2019

IVF Cost in South Africa 2019

Cost of IVF in South Africa 2019

IVF Cost in South Africa 2019 is constituted of all the expenses and charges that are going to take place throughout the IVF treatment procedure. We do not charge anything outside of this customized package and never ask for irrelevant charges from our patients while they are being treated at our fertility clinic. IVF cost in South Africa starts from USD 3300 in which all the charges of the different steps in IVF treatment are involved such as the cost of various medication, ultrasounds, blood test, hormonal injection, fertility drugs, cost of the egg retrieval procedure, lab charges, etc.

Cost of IVF in South Africa is reasonable and our customized package is prepared after considering all the relevant charges and not leaving behind anything important. Surrogate Mother Kenya has the best pool of highly qualified fertility experts who are expert in the domain of fertility treatment and have provided positive results to their various patients.

IVF treatment cost in South Africa is largely based on the unique condition of the patient and the cause of their infertility. The basic cost of IVF in South Africa is USD 3300, but it may vary if the patient chooses to use donor sperm or donor egg as there are extra charges for using the additional services of a sperm donor or an egg donor. South Africa is a preferred destination for the IVF treatment as the treatment is given at an acceptable price. Every year a substantial number of people from other developed nations visit South Africa for receiving fertility treatments.

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