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Which is the Best IVF Centre in Kenya?

What is IVF?

Infertility is a situation where a couple is incapable of getting pregnant even after repeated attempts of conceiving for about a year. It is a global health problem and millions of people are battling infertility throughout the world.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a technique of becoming pregnant in which fertilization takes place outside of the body; the mother’s eggs are fertilized by the father’s sperm and the resulted embryo is transferred into the uterus of a woman with the aim of inducing pregnancy.

This technique is adopted by infertile couples who are unable to conceive naturally. The treatment is used in both male and female infertility and has provided the desired results to the couples. IVF has become a well-known technique for inducing pregnancy since the dramatic increase in the number of infertility cases over the past few years.

Overview of the IVF treatment procedure

During the IVF treatment, initially fertility medication is given to the woman to enable her ovaries to make fertile and healthy eggs in a good quantity. After the eggs have become fully mature, the procedure of egg retrieval is performed in which doctors use a needle to pull out eggs from each follicle.

Then, semen samples of the father or the sperm donor is obtained. The eggs and the sperm are combined and kept in a laboratory and then fertilization happens. Once the embryos are created, the procedure of embryo transfer begins where the embryo gets placed inside the uterus of the mother.  It is important that embryo gets attached to the lining of the uterus for a successful pregnancy to occur.

Reasons why you should choose Surrogate Mother Kenya for IVF

Couples are clueless about the IVF treatment and have a certain degree of doubt whether the treatment is going to be successful for them or not. At Surrogate Mother Kenya, we have given positive results to our patients across the globe and patients come to visit us from the developed nations. Kenya has been a preferred destination for fertility treatments because of low-cost treatments with effective results. IVF can be a trouble-free and pleasant experience with the assistance of fertility doctors at Surrogate Mother Kenya.

Few reasons to get IVF treatment at Surrogate Mother Kenya:

Fertility specialists having more than 30 years of experience

Fertility specialists and IVF specialists at Surrogate Mother Kenya have over 30 years of experience in the domain of fertility treatments. Our skilled fertility experts provide high-quality IVF treatment to their patients with positive outcomes.

Comprehensive care and attention is given to every patient

Patients in Surrogate Mother Kenya are given extensive care and even their smallest problems are carefully examined. Our team members assist the patients at every stage of their IVF treatment procedure and provide great support to them.

Best IVF Centre in Kenya 2019

Best IVF Centre in Kenya 2020

Quality IVF treatment provided at an acceptable price

We provide IVF treatment at a reasonable price and our customized package includes every cost of the steps involved in the overall procedure and we do not charge anything outside of the package. Our low-priced IVF treatment is the reason patients from developed nations come to us.

Comparatively high IVF treatment success rate

Along with a low-cost treatment, we also provide high success rates to our patients all over the world. We have successfully delivered babies to our various patients. Cost-friendly IVF treatments are offered here in comparison to other fertility hospitals.

Surrogate Mother Kenya provides the best IVF Centre in Kenya at an acceptable price with the help of the certified fertility doctors.

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