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Which is The Best IVF Centre in Nairobi 2021?

Which is The Best IVF Centre in Nairobi?

In Nairobi, infertility health issues are always neglected as the main focus of the city is on controlling the growth of the population. In this situation finding the best IVF centre in Nairobi considered a difficult task.  And that is why we are here. Through this article, we will guide you in choosing the best IVF hospital in Nairobi and share with you some major points to identify whether the IVF clinic is genuine or tricking you with false tactics. 

When someone talks about infertility, the mind automatically relates it to the women, while in reality infertility is related to the couple(s). Infertility health problem can present in any human body, whether it is a man or a woman. There are cases where the cause of unable to conceive is severe infertility of the husband.

Best IVF Centre in Nairobi
Best IVF Centre in Nairobi

If we talk about the situation in Nairobi, infertility is seen as a curse on a family or pair.  Even if the couple is wealthy but childless then it is considered nothing. Having a biological kid is acknowledged as the true wealth of the family or man and wife. Infertile women are often seen as a disgrace to the family. For infertile men sitting with society becomes difficult as fertility has been directly linked by society to the dignity of a man. But medical science sees infertility as another health issues and people should also treat the same.

Infertility could happen to any human being due to any reason similar to other diseases. For example, an unhealthy lifestyle can trigger many diseases in the human body, including infertility. Quality of lifestyle is one of the reasons for increasing infertility issues in humans. For example stress, alcohol consumption, excessive smoking, obesity are some lifestyle factors that can affect fertility in humans.

Age also affects the fertility of a man and woman. Increasing age decreases the chances of conceiving naturally. According to fertility experts, the late 20s and early 30s are suitable periods to conceive naturally as there are fewer chances of complications in pregnancy.

Even if a couple is looking for IVF treatment at the best IVF hospital in Nairobi, a doctor often advises them to start the treatment as soon as possible. If a couple is unable to conceive naturally after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse without wasting their time they should go to the fertility experts, as it could be a sign of infertility. The earlier one starts the treatment more the possibility of a successful first cycle. This will not only save money but also will save your time.

A good IVF clinic will always guide you in a way so that you can be benefitted from the treatment. To select the best IVF centre in Nairobi, the patient(s) should follow these techniques that we are going to mention below.

Best IVF Centre in Nairobi
Best IVF Centre in Nairobi

How to select the best IVF centre in Nairobi?

Nairobi is becoming the hub for infertility treatment. On the other hand, there are fertility clinic(s) in Nairobi that claims to provide excellent quality treatment at a lower cost, just to manipulate people. This results in loss of money, time and emotions of the patient(s). It is better to research the clinic before applying there for the IVF treatment.

Given-below are the key factors to help you not tricked by fertility clinic(s) and selecting the best IVF centre in Nairobi:

Background research: When we buy a product online from a particular brand we generally research it such as the type of material used to make the product, where it is manufactured, how long the brand is in the industry, the genuine reviews of the product.  Similarly, before selecting an IVF clinic, you should research about it such as how long it has been in the field of IVF or other ART techniques, the success rate of the clinic; is it genuine or doubtfully high, the story of the clinic’s clients, the number of patients it has treated till now, whether any fraud cases filed against it in police stations. 

Cost of the treatment: Though IVFis one of the expensive fertility treatments, many clinics offer doubtfully lower price of it. There are genuine factors that make IVF a little expensive treatment, such as the cost of medications, injections, lab charges. If a clinic is offering the treatment is very less amount, you should not consider it. Because their motive could be just to earn money. The best fertility clinic in Nairobi will be transparent to you and will charge you a reasonable amount and will mention all the expenses in detail.  They will never trick you with hidden charges. So whenever you ask for details about the cost of the treatment, never hesitate to ask about extra charges and the included expenditure.

Fertility experts: Even if the infrastructure and services are of high quality, but the doctors or fertility experts are not experienced in the field, cross out the clinic from your list. In the end, it will be the skills of doctor that is going to increase the success rate of IVF cycle. You should verify the experience of the doctors in the field of fertility treatment such as the years of experience, the number of patients she/he treated till now, the number of successful treatments he/she has done yet.

The success rate of clinic/centre: some clinics don’t disclose the success rate of the treatment and some portrays an extremely high success rate that could create doubt in someone’s mind.  One needs to be cautious of these false tactics. Best IVF Hospital in Nairobi will always tell a genuine and true success rate to its clients.

Best IVF Centre in Nairobi
Best IVF Centre in Nairobi

Surrogate Mother Kenya (best IVF centre in Nairobi)

Surrogate Mother Kenya is one of the leading IVF centres in Nairobi.  It provides world-class quality treatment to its clients. Also, the centre has personalized treatments considering the special requirements and need of the clients.

Their fertility experts of our clinic have been in this industry for years. They have a history of successfully done fertility treatments. Till now our clinic has served many couples, who have been come to us as their last hope of becoming biological parents. With the help of our expertise, we have filled many houses with the happiness of having a child. That is why our clinic is one of the best IVF centre in Nairobi.

Surrogate mother Kenya believes in providing quality treatment to its clients. Our centre never hides any type of crucial information with them. Before starting the treatment, we counsel our clients and clear their doubts by answering every query related to the treatment such as cost of the treatment, effects of the treatments, condition of the patients. We also advise them to follow particular rules so that nothing could create a barrier to the success of treatment. Many couples demand to keep their profile confidential because of personal reasons, and we at surrogate mother Kenya respect their privacy. We never disclose our patient’s information to anyone without their permission

As the client(s) have come to a fertility clinic with hopes, a good fertility clinic will always effectively guide its clients. One of the qualities of the Best IVF Centre in Nairobi is it will always follow an ethical path which means it will never mislead or tricked its patients. Surrogate mother Kenya believes the same, that’s why they are transparent to their patients or clients. Surrogate mother Kenya aims to serve best to our patients. That is why Surrogate mother Kenya in Nairobi is the hope of many infertile couples and who desire to have a biological child.   


What is the best age for IVF?

The ideal age for IVF treatment is under 35 but 40 years or above age women can also opt for IVF.  The age under 35 is considered the best age because with increasing age the risk of complications in pregnancy also increases.

Why IVF is so expensive?

IVF is expensive because of its treatment procedure. It requires a lot of preparations throughout the process. The cost of medications and injections is also the reason for the expensive cost of IVF.

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